Yogi Ramsuratkumar Universal Spiritual Centre

[For World Peace & Religious Harmony]

My father alone exists, nothing else, no one else. If you call rama..shiva..allah..jesus..It's all my father alone - Yogi Ramsuratkumar

Good Discipline. Good Qualities, Good Education with Good Attitute makes everyone their best - It all starts from home

Born on 01.12.1918 at Nardara Village (Uttar Pradesh) he was found in the company of sages on the bank of Ganges. He graduated from Allahabad University, obtained a diploma in education and served as a School teacher in Bihar State.


"யார் ஒருவர் யோகி ராம்சுரத்குமார் என்னும் இந்த பிச்சைக்காரன் நாமத்தை சொல்கிறார்களோ  அவர்கள் எத்தகைய கடினமான சூழலில் இருந்தாலும்  அவர்கள் எந்தையால் காக்கப்படுவார்கள்."


"மாமரங்களும் தென்னை மரங்களும் நமக்கு, பலன்களை அள்ளித் தருகின்றன, நம்மிடமிருந்து எதையும் எதிர்பார்க்காது."


"மாமரங்களும் தென்னை மரங்களும் நமக்கு, பலன்களை அள்ளித் தருகின்றன, நம்மிடமிருந்து எதையும் எதிர்பார்க்காது."


Anybody who takes to the name of this beggar “ Yogi Ramsuratkumar “ will be saved by my Father in whatever difficult circumstances one may be .


Ashram Location

#39, Navarkulam Main Road,
Puducherry – 605 008.

   +91 - 94881 70951
   09:30 AM - 04:30 PM

Our Trust is a registered one under Indian income Tax Act. It is established to Propagate the divine message of of Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar who lived between 1918 to 2001, having millions of Devotees around the world with many Temples & Ashrams. He made many Miracles for his devotees and preached for World Peace, Religious Harmony and loved & cared the mother Nature. He said there is only one God in the Universe and called it’s My Father. He always say..My Father Alone Exists, nothing else, no one else, in the present, past and future. If you call Rama..Shiva..Allah..Jesus ..It’s All my father alone. Meaning there is only one God in the Universe.

He practised the worship of different Religious faiths of his Devotees in his Ashram. Hindus, Muslims, Christians.. etc., offered prayers in their own Religious faiths, setting example for inter-Religious faiths. Now the world is divided under various religious faiths, with religious extremism, gun culture affecting world peace and Religious Harmony. This is the high time to unite the world with different Religious faiths to understand and believe that there is only one God with different Religion. Every Religion preaches Love and compassion. This is possible only by uniting all Heads of various Religious faiths in the world under one body and it is called Universal Inter Religious Faith Centre. We Yogi Ramsuratkumar Universal Ashram Trust Pondicherry, India, propose to establish an Ashram for World Peace and Religious Harmony . 

We are planning to establish the Ashram on a 5 acres of land with parking area 1 acre, library 2000 sft, meditation hall 1000 sft, Shrine for Bhagavan 7000 sft, Universal convention centre for Religious faith 7000 sft, kitchen, Dinning, individual cottages, apartments, Gohsala, vegetable garden, office room, security room, landscaping compound wall etc., The tentative cost for the project is estimated to around 10 crores.

We request generous contribution from every individual who cares for world peace and religious Harmony for peaceful coexistence in the world.

Uniqueness of Pondicherry – It is Union Territory of India where dozens of Great Masters lived and preached for the wellbeing of the universe. It’s a Divine land blessed by those Great Souls with live vibration ever.

Mother Ma Devaki , in Puduvai Yogi Centenary Celeberations, called for a Yogi Ashram to be established in Pondicherry. In order to fulfill that divine wish, a Trust ( YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR UNIVERSAL ASHRAM TRUST PONDICHERRY ) has been registered recently for the establishment of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Universal Ashram in Pondicherry